Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What should participants wear?

Leotards are preferred for gymnastics

Leotards should not have skirts, zippers or plastic attached.
No Big hair bows
No Beads
No socks or footed tights
No mid-drifts (bellies out)
No jewelry (small post earrings are fine)
Hair must be off neck and out of face.
Leggings and long sleeve tshirts can be work over leotards during winter months.
Form fitting clothing must be worn.
Shorts must be long enough to cover bottom and private parts.
No loose tops
Circus Students must wear/bring leggings or tights

Q: When will my gymnast move to the next level?

A: Gymnastics and Acrobatics are comprised of difficult skills. Each participant will progress differently. We have evaluations every other month. The first evaluation of the season will be in September. After each evaluation, your instructor/coach can explain what your gymnast has accomplished.

Q: What will I need for class?

A: Please bring a water bottle (no other drinks allowed) and a healthy snack (no oranges, applesauce, yogurt, fruit cups. Granola bars are perfect!). Also, please bring flip-flops for easy restroom breaks.

Q: How do I register?

A: Visit our Class Schedule & Log In

 Registration Fee

All participants must be registered with AAU to participate at In Flight.  The Annual Registration Fee covers Liability for each of it's participants.

August - July $30/year ($20 each sibling after the 1st)

April - July $20/year ($15 each sibling after the 1st)

In Flight Payments

All In Flight training sessions and events must be paid in advance. All monthly sessions are purchased no later than the 1st of each month. All participants are required to register online.

  • ALL New Students are welcome to take a FREE TRIAL CLASS.
  • Make sure you know what class/level the participant will be attending. If you do not know or are not sure, please ask.

Payment Options

Monthly Payments (Auto-pay) - payments are drafted on the 1st of each month through the In Flight Payment Site. If Adults/Adult Figures of participants choose to cancel any class, a 30 days written notice must be emailed to In Flight's Staff at 30 days after the written notice, all transactions will cease.

Insufficient Funds

There will be a $20.00 fee for all transactions that are returned due to Insufficient Funds or Declined Payments. The account stored will be debited again 48 hours after the failed transaction. If the payment is not made current, the participant will not be allowed to participate in In Flight activities until accounts are current.

Withdrawal from program

If you or your participant must leave the In Flight Program, a 30 day written notice of the withdrawal must be emailed to the In Flight Staff at . The participant and/or adult figure of the participant will be responsible for fees associated with the participant’s account within the 30 days of written notice of the participant’s withdrawal from the In Flight Program.

Make Up Classes/Prorating Fees

There will be no Make up Classes unless In Flight has to cancel classes/practice for unforeseen reasons. Prices will not be prorated and make ups will not be scheduled unless In Flight’s scheduled monthly session consists of less than 3 weeks of Monthly Classes/Practices.

Q: Does In Flight have evaluations and/or performances?

A: In Flight’s Youth Program has a scheduled evaluation every other month at the In Flight facility. Evaluations are held the last week of a two month period. The first evaluation of the In Flight season (August-July) is held in September. Supporters are invited to stay and watch their gymnast during evaluations. Also, In Flight hosts an Annual Winter Recital, Annual A Starry Night and Annual End of the Year Recital. All In Flight Participants are welcome to be a part of these events.

Q: What are the drop-off and pick-up policies?

A: Gymnasts are not to arrive to practice unattended more than 5 minutes before class/practice. Please do not allow gymnasts to enter the training area more than 5 minutes before their training time begins (exceptions-restroom and dressing out).

Late Pick Up Fee Policy

In Flight cannot be held responsible for your child once his/her class/practice/event has been dismissed. There will be a “late pick-up” fee of $10 for the first 15 minutes, and $15 for every 15 minutes thereafter once a child’s class/practice/event has ended.

If for some reason you are running late or cannot pick up your participant by the end of class, please let us know as soon as possible. We try to be understanding of special circumstances and incidents. However, a lack of communication and/or excessive late pick up will result in the online account being charged the Late Pick Up Fee.