Summer Camp
June 4-July 27, 2018      



Closed: July 2-6, 2018 

$25 Deposit to hold place for week

(Remaining balance due the Monday of the attending week)

 Training/Instruction Only Option:
M, T & Th 8am-12pm

Field trips

Week 1: Movies - $110 (includes snack pack) 

Week 2: Skating - $105 (includes skate rental)

Week 3: Bowling - $105 (includes shoe rental)

Week 4: Big Boot Ranch $110 (includes horse

Week 5: MLK, Auburn $100

Week 6: Mini Golf $110 (includes games &pizza)

Week 7: Six Flags -$150 (includes park admission)



Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Schedule
800-1200PM Gymnastics and Circus

100-130PM Journaling
130-230pm Free Time
230-300PM Snack
300-400PM Arts & Crafts
400-430PM Games
430-600PM Pick Up

Wednesday (Field Trip) & Friday (Swimming)
Fridays 800-1200PM FUN DAY (games)

Wednesdays 800-1200PM Movement* (Yoga, Dance, Archery), 

1230PM Transportation Picks Up
430PM Return to Gym
500-600PM Pick Up

Summer Camp Show
Saturday, July 28, 2018
10am - 12pm

Coaches' Assistant - Ages 12-14 - 20% Discount - Must Apply

Junior Coach - Ages 15-16 - 30% Discount - Must Apply

The Details

  1. Early drop off is at 7:30 am and late pick at 6 pm. Camp activities are from 800-430 pm.
  2. Your gymnast/acrobat should wear a leotard for gymnastics practice, Mon - Thurs. The girls will more than likely work up a sweat, please bring a change of clothes (including panties) and toiletries in case they need to freshen up.
  3. Please ensure your gymnast/acrobat brings running shoes & a reusable water bottle. 
  4. Please ensure your gymnast/acrobat eats breakfast (ideally carbs and proteins). 
  5. Gymnasts/acrobats must bring a healthy lunch.  Unhealthy/sweet lunch/snack items will be taken, and given to parent at pick up.
  6. We will provide snacks, however gymnasts/acrobats have the option to bring their own. Again, only healthy snack options (i.e., banana, granola bar, carrots).
  7. Please NO citrus (oranges,grapefruit, etc) items due to an allergy in the gym.
  8. Hair should be up, off the neck & away from the face.
  9. W.O.W. = words of wisdom!  Each week we will discuss a character building word.  We will acknowledge/award the gymnast/acrobat who portrays this word the most throughout the week, in the gym or at home!  
  10. We have time set a side for reading.  This will be a great opportunity for summer reading!  Please bring in reading logs!
  11. They are allowed to bring games BUT it will be their responsibility to keep up with it.
  12. Our field trip this week will be on Wednesday to the movies. We will leave at ~ 12:30, and return ~4:30 pm.
  13. We will go swimming on Friday at Ebster Pool in Decatur. We will leave the gym at ~ 11 am, and return at ~ 4.  Your child should bring swim suit (no bikinis), towel, & change of clothes!