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Gymnastics, Circus Arts and Tumbling are comprised of very difficult skills. As adults we have to put ourselves in the athletes' shoes. Some children will learn faster than others. This depends on strength, flexibility, focus and over all fear factors. Please be patient with your child. If you feel as though your child is not progressing as fast as you thought he/she would, please do not hesitate to contact In Flight with any questions or concerns. In Flight Parents and Adult Figures are allowed to observe the first class and evaluations. Some training sessions may be closed to viewing (recital rehearsals, competition training, etc.) We ask that all guests refrain from communicating with Participants and Coaches during evaluations and training. Only participants are allowed in the training area. I understand that participation is entirely by my own choice and with the understanding that there is risk and the possibility of accidental injury in any activity involving unusual motion or height.
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Video and Photography Release I understand that the participant's photograph/video may be taken during the course of class instruction or during a special event. I hereby grant my permission for the resulting video/photograph to be used for any and all publicity and printing purposes. If permission is not given, I will submit an email to stating that the participant is not allowed to be photographed or videoed. I will look for a confirmation of receipt email to be sent within 24 hours.
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Medical Emergencies Medical Emergency: I understand that in any activity, the potential exists for injury, from minimal to catastrophic. And while I understand that every reasonable effort will be maintained to protect the participant, I authorize, should an emergency arise, In Flight to take whatever measures are deemed necessary including calling EMS.
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Attire Leotards should not have skirts, zippers or plastic attached. No Big hair bows No Beads No socks or footed tights No mid-drifts (bellies out) No jewelry (small post earrings are fine). Hair must be off neck and out of face. Leggings and long sleeve tshirts can be work over leotards during winter months. Form fitting clothing must be worn. Shorts must be long enough to cover bottom and private parts. No loose tops. Circus Students must wear/bring leggings or tights